Madder (RED) Plant Dyed, Non Itchy, Wool Yarn

Madder Dye

Plant dyed wool yarn is best for the planet. Growing your own madder to use as a dye is even better. Madder roots take 2 years to grow roots large enough for dyeing, but it is worth the wait. Below, is the last plant to be dug up from the madder patch. The roots run deep. The plant has a pretty leaf and is quite an addition to the dye garden. Plants that have been used for over 5,000 years to dye wool, we grow and forage for in the Sussex countryside. Plant dye is kinder to the planet.

Red dye from the madder root can be used with other dyes such as dock leaf (yellow) to make orange seen here as a crocheted tassel.

Paton & Daughter Yarns Dyed with Madder

Earth Australia” is dyed with madder. It is a combination of colour ways and is dyed on a Corriedale base, wool yarn. Also in stock is a madder plant wool yarn “Rampant” a vibrant multi coloured wool yarn dyed with madder and the bark from the Silver Birch tree. The colours are pink, maroon and purple. The base wool yarn is British Wensleydale Longwool which was spun in Yorkshire.

British Wensleydale Longwool Yarn

Wensleydale is a British Sheep Breed, has a long curly fleece, 24-30cm/9-12″ and is a joy to knit or crochet with. According to The Raw Wool Company ” It is smooth, non itchy (kemp free) and durable.” We at Paton and Daughter agree. The Wensleydale wool yarn also has a lustre which we feel is silk like. Although this wool is valuable and sought after, we keep the Wensleydale wool price in line with our other yarns. Even though our Wensleydale yarns are luxurious, we would encourage you to knit or crochet with it for any garment.

What to make with Paton & Daughter Madder Dyed Yarn

It is very versatile and if you like red why not dip into for some pattern ideas.

Basket (£20.00)