Rug -Handmade, White, Felted, Romney

Price: £100.00

Material:  Romney Sheep Fleece

Colour:. White

Size:. 99cm x 68cm approx.

Felt Thickness:. Approx. 3cm + Staple Pile


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Our rugs are made from fleece.  The sheep live on farms and smallholdings close to our workshop in Sussex. They are of various breeds and colours.

Some are kept as pets and live with their lambs, sisters and aunts. Many are pedigrees.  We buy fleeces that are of good quality.

There will always be the odd grass seed or straw particle in the finished rug. We do not use any chemicals in our felting process. Our rugs are 100% natural.

Rugs come in various sizes, thicknesses, and colours. They can be used for warmth, comfort, and to add a splash of luxury to your home. One of our rugs, placed by the side of your bed ensures your first step of the day is soft and cosy.  You may like to use our rugs to spread across a settee or to cover your knees on a chilly evening. Our smaller rugs are ideal to place on a wooden chair or pew. Your pet would luxuriate in one of our felted fleeces.

Advice concerning all yarns

The environment is all the better for using plant dyed yarns. Plant dyes have been used for hundreds of years, one example being The Bayeux Tapestry. With a little care your garment will last.

On receipt of your yarn please rinse in warm water, particularly when using more than one colour in a project. Undo your skein into a circle and place two loose ties around the threads to stabilise.  Gently place in warm water for 10 minutes. Lift in one bundle and gently squeeze. If colour shows in the water repeat the process in the same water temperature until the water remains clear. A teaspoon of vinegar in the water may assist.

Laundering – Hand wash in warm water using a neutral ph. Wool soap or liquid shampoo. Do not agitate the water but gently squeeze the item. Pat dry and wrap in a towel to remove excess water. Dry flat away from sunlight/direct heat.

Knitting – Use 2 or 3 ends (one for each row) as all hand dyed yarns may need alternating to avoid pooling.

Gauge – We advise making a tension square 10cm x 10cm. Wash and block the square. Once dried a measurement can be taken to determine exact results for your finished item.

Colours – When choosing a colour of yarn please be aware that monitors vary.

The colour blue can be troublesome. ‘Crocking’ describes the colour blue which does not stay completely on the fabric/yarn. This is the case with jeans. It is not a fault but a character.

The above gives you a completely honest view of plant dyes. You may prefer to be carefree and just make without any of the above considerations. We hope you have fun making. Any questions, please contact

Basket (£20.00)