Aran Weight, Plant Dyed Yarns

Purple and White, Stripey, Aran, Plant Dyed Wool Yarn

Paton and Daughter yarns are spun in several different thicknesses or weights. Aran weight yarn is thicker than double knitting yarn. It falls into the category of 9-12 w.p.i. W.p.i.., or wraps per inch which is the amount of times the yarn can be laid across a ruler within a one inch measurement. The trick is to twist the ruler and not wind the yarn. The reason for this is that the yarn can become slightly untwisted thereby changing its thickness. You will find that your project, whether it is knitted or crocheted, will “grow” much quicker using Aran weight yarn than if you use 4ply or double knitting thicknesses of yarn. This wool yarn is spun in Yorkshire and is dyed with the natural dye, logwood extract in our Sussex workshop.

Aran Weight, “Earth Australia“, A Multicoloured, Plant Dyed Yarn

When more than one colour can be seen within a yarn, it is often referred to as a colour way. This yarn contains at least 4 colours which our dyer created using madder root. The yarn consists of Bluefaced Leicester 75% and Gotland 25%, both of which are British Breeds of sheep. The Bluefaced Leicester has a long staple and is known as a lustre wool. It is mostly found in North East England. The Gotland sheep, also known as a British breed has its roots in Sweden on the island of Gotland.

Green, Aran Weight, Plant Dyed Yarn, Soft Enough for Baby

This Aran yarn was dyed green using the plant, ivy. The ivy needs to be picked when it is fully hydrated and growing in partial shade.

The colours obtained from ivy vary, depending upon the time of year that it is picked and if the plant is variegated.

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