Knitting – Thrums It is August and the nights are getting shorter already.  Now is the time to start a project that will be appreciated in winter.  An extra layer is a must but what do you do when an extra layer is not enough and those pinkies are frozen?  The answer is thrums.  A thrum isContinue reading “Knitting – Thrums”

Fleece is Being Composted or Incinerated

That is what we hear and it is such a shame. This country grew rich from sheep fleece (I shall leave that subject for another time). Fleece is versatile and sustainable but we do not use it all. We should not waste fleece. Even spinners, myself included, will spread out a fleece and separate theContinue reading “Fleece is Being Composted or Incinerated”

A very warm welcome to you. This is a bit of space where I can share my making musings, successes and complete failures. It’s all a learning experience: we never stop learning. The most important thing is to (as my friend Jane reminds me) have fun. About 5 years ago, another friend, Rita gave meContinue reading