Crochet – Twirls

What to Make with Wool

Do you have a stash of wool yarn?  If so, I am quite sure that you have small amounts of yarn which are left over from projects too. Do you sometimes wonder what you can make with this bits and pieces?  It is the small amounts of yarn that we can use to make something practical, attractive or both, TWIRLS.

Twirls don’t take up very much yarn and can be made in all weights from fine to chunky. Attach twirls to all manner of things, the handle of a door or drawer to help in opening or to serve as a reminder of where an item is kept.

Depending on how much yarn there is to spare, more than just a few can be used to edge a lampshade or a poncho in one colour or a rainbow of colours.

Why not attach several to a clip and slip it into your hair or wear on a hat.

 A bunch of twirls on a wrapped present is an unusual, pretty embellishment which can be used by the recipient or passed on again by being attached to another parcel.  

Several twirls also look attractive on a basket as well as on a suitcase which is where my very first twirl still lives.  I found that my suitcase was being mistakenly taken from the airport carousel before I could claim it and so I gave the case an unmistakeable embellishment, a twirl.  It has remained in place through many airports and its success began my TWIRL addiction.

If you have ideas for TWIRL usage do let me know.

Have fun making.

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