Knitting – Thrums

It is August and the nights are getting shorter already

Now is the time to start a project that will be appreciated in winter.  An extra layer is a must but what do you do when an extra layer is not enough and those pinkies are frozen?  The answer is thrums.  A thrum is a narrow wad of fleece, fashioned into a shape that becomes part of the knitting fabric. You can see how in this video.  The thrums are spaced out evenly during knitting and when finished the mitten or sock or even jacket has another layer on the inside of the garment or accessory.  A little care is required when slipping the item on or off but after a while the wads of fleece become felted and the extra layer of warmth really begins to surround you with a glow.

Give thrums a try this autumn.

Basket (£20.00)